The 2nd Annual Costume Institute Ball Roundup

Secret confession: I look forward to the insanely long slideshows of the Met Ball more than I should. I need to give it undivided attention and I'm usually in for it with some kind of snack by my side (this time, a delicious caesar salad). Well it was a big bummer. Last year I was bummed because barely anyone dressed superhero-ly, and I guess I shouldn't have expected any better with a theme as random as MODDLEZ. But enough chit-chat, let's get to the stuff.

First picture and I am already sweatin' it. When did the Met become Hot Topic Headquarters?
(Yes, I see you Kate, dressed up like you're playing a muse in a reaally fancy school play. I'm choosing not to talk about it though.
Ps. I don't care its Marc
Pss. I do like the turban)

Well done, darlings
Alek Wek is absolutely LUMINOUS!

Oh Sasha looks incredible! Seriously otherworldly, she could be the empress in The Neverending Story.

I love Claudia Schiffer's schwing! combo of sexpot dress and super casual hair and makeup. Girl's still got it, for sure.

Nadja Auermann is a fucking goddess and here's proof.

Erin O'Connor doing her usual garconne malarky that suits her so well and I that I love so much.

My favoritest Kristen McMenamy as opposite Morticia Adams. GENIUS.

Let's call a spade, a spade; no one does sexy boho thing like MK.

NEW MIDRIFF ALERT! How cute is Lisa Mayock in that bow crop top and high-waisted trousers?
Sidenote: she came into my store on Saturday. I secretly freaked out and wanted to put her in my pocket. She is adorable.

Ooh, Angela Lindvall in NEW Jil Sander. SO EPIC.

AAAH! Real Monsters
What a clusterfuck of insanity. Groucho Deyn over there looks nuts and is dressed to appear 40 years older. Twiggy's custom Burberry getup is disappointingly Sears.
(I obviously love her crazy hat.)

Fabiola boobs Beracasa's boobs boobs boobs are really boobs distracting boobs.
(But not enough to make me like that outfit).


Dr. Lisa Airan, I know you got all the money to wear whatever you want, but this is SO not you. The Parisian hooker look doesn't suit you (you should probably take that as a compliment). Why'd you abandon Rodarte? They never did you wrong!

Oh Karen, I want to believe in you! Why are you wearing mourning attire? Where is your body! All I see is a blob *sob*.

Madonna, please, stop trying so hard. We all know you are a sexual being and you don't follow the rules and you're like, so in control of your sexuality and your image and yadda, yadda, yadda. This is nuts. If you don't want to do it for me, do it for your children. The ones you have or the ones they might give you if you stop these shenanigans. OOooooh, I went there! Too soon?

UGH, what a waste of a Jil Sander dress.

I admire your balls to wear this, Stella, but that don't mean I think it's ok.

All that waiting for nothing, right? Here's to being hopeful for next year.


Tavi said...

I completely agree with everything here. I might as well just tell my readers to read this! (I will)

awesome andrea said...

pure hilarity as usual!

Centine and Kaylene from Fashion Dialogue said...

Awww...I like that Madonna tries, it's kind of endearing. But, yes you do make some spot on observations. Stella McCartney...EEEk!!!


jen said...

I hated the turban, sorry. She looks like a damn fortune teller in it. really, really hate it. Otherwise, I agree 100% with all else. That peacock feather cape(?), train (?), back of dress is stunning!

CultureCynic said...

Ur descriptions are DEAD ON and witty!!! esp the Madonna one...what is she on about>???? yup, it was a diappointment....these ppl have the money to bring the drama....WHERE WAS THE DRAMA...not alot of memorable moments!!

laia. said...

haha jen, i agree but i just love crazy hats.

hazel said...

ugh anorexic victoria's secret model ruined jil sander dresssss

LOVE CLAUDIA. definitely favorite of the knight. she looks killer, so does the dress.

Cassiopeia said...

Claudia Schiffer looks amazing... As does Sasha. Not usually a fan of feathery things, but she ROCKS it! :-D Scaaaaarily skinny woman in that Jil Sander. Ick.


laia. said...

that's that victorias secret model miranda kerr in jil sander.

The Shady Greys said...

dr. lisa airan perplexes me! I dont understand I just dont get why she is photographed all the time!! I guess she probably knows these ppl because she does their botox

The Shady Greys said...

ps- nadja and sasha, agreed goddess level

Nice and Shiny said...

OMG, your commentary for this event has been my fav so far. I loved it!! So funny, and I agree with most of what you said here, although I dig Stella's lace jumpsuit... don't kill me!


n. nora said...

I agree with everything, but I kinda like stella. lace jumpsuit?? more please! =)

IDEA: what if deyn and twiggy switched outfits? i might have been okay with that. I want to reach in and switch them, maybe I should paper doll style it?

love yr blog

Anonymous said...

Alek Wek looks stunning... Absolutely!!!!!!!!!!! :)))

The color of the dress pops on her, really cute.



1234 said...

bahahhaha i love this post.

me melodia said...

i really adore your snark.