Alex & Eli's Excellent Adventure

I wrote about Alex & Eli's spring collection back in January, and boy am I glad to see they're going full speed ahead into the future with an even better collection for Fall. Their signature tailoring has totally gone next level and they've created some beautiful architectural "patchwork" pieces. I love this suit with the length of the skirt, it's such a classic lady-like silhouette. The fabric is also super rad.

Yellow crop tops and crazy convertible jackets!

I love everything about this brown and black slouchy suit. The little shoulder ruffle detail on the jacket is unexpected and lovely, and the two-tone skirt is the perfect piece to contrast such delicate details. I love the contrasting inset on this jacket, it's so modernly futuristic!


Damsels said...

great styling on these shots
We Were Damsels

Ashley said...

Wow these are gems! Amazing styling..I love every piece.Thanks for posting this!


Anonymous said...

is it me, or do i perceive an 80's vibe here!

la madre que te pario