Ce-le-brate good times COME ON! doodoodoo-doo-doo doodoodoo

Hi guys! I got a job! Yaay!
Exclamation marks!

The weird thing is that for the first time in forever, I will not have access to a computer at work! Ack! How will my internet addiction survive? Anywho, I'll try to figure out how to work this malarky so we can all party, but in the meantime, here's the intro to The Adventures of Pete & Pete.

I <3 you all!

Be back on Sunday!


Amanda said...

am i the first on blog land to say CONGRATS??? i srsly need to go to bed. and i forgot how happy that song from pete & pete makes me. that was a great show....sigh*

Luce said...

yay! yayayayay! congrats!

hazel said...

pete and pete?
laia and laia?
job and job?

Anonymous said...

congrats! are you gonna work in fashion?

monika said...

way to go! congrats!

E.K. said...


cake. said...

i LOVE the pete and pete theme song it's good for dancing around your room in celebration!

laia. said...

thanks guys!
and yes, i am indeed working in "fashion", im working at a cool store.