Crazy! Cool!

Woah woah woah Gap, way to raise the bar with the CFDA collaborations. You can never go wrong with khaki, and these pieces by Vena Cava are no exception. How cool are those dresses? I can totally see myself wearing the one Arlenis(!!!) has on all summer.

OH and THEEEN Alexander Wang comes in and redoes one of my favorite looks from Spring all in khaki? Dudes, this is serious, but I have the need to wear the jacket Arlenis is wearing with the lil' shorts that the blonde chick is wearing (yeah yeah, I know it's Anna J, I just don't care for her wah wah waaaaaah).

Well played, Gap!
(Ps. pleeeeeeeeease don't screw up the fit!)

Pictures via Refinery 29.


eyeLuv said...

(Too excited???)

Dream Sequins said...

Love the Vena Cava. YES!

tricia campbell said...

yeah, i'm with you on the fit!!!!! so important and would be a crying shame if the fit is wack.

i too am diggin arlenis' dress. salivate.

Anonymous said...

soooo excited for this. loving the gap colabs lately!

Ashley said...

Oooh i've been waiting to see AW's pieces for the Gap. I love what Coco is wearing and the shorts that Anna is wearing.


ah oh ohs said...



cindy said...

ohmahgah it's BEAUTIFUL, i love it all

Betty said...

The Gap has come a ways for sure. Remember how they started to try and be more on top of things with SJP? No offense to SJP buuut...and now on the back of Vogue et cetera there's Sasha Pivovarova looking all fresh scrubbed and innocent. Well done, Gap, well done.


oh my god, is Anna Jagodzinska not THE MOST boring and generic model ever to exist?