Oh shit, it's my tee!

I finally got my tee in the mail last week and I'm SO stoked. The white on cream version is my absolute favorite and I've been wearing it non-stop this week. I think the colors are so right for spring and the print looks so delicate! Anywho, so I wore it today with these new jeans that I bought two sizes too big so they'd be baggier. At first I wasn't sure I did the right thing, but now I think they're everything I'd been looking for in a pair of jeans and I'm super psyched about them. They're just the right amount of slouchy.
Karoline and Drew were kind enough to send me two other versions in metallic ink (which you can special order!). They sent one bronze (I'll prolly post it later) and this silver version which is AWESOME and gives a cool faux jewelry vibe. I tied it in the back to make an AWESOME crop top. (CROP TOPS RULE!)


(I look like a doofus!)


Tavi said...

Nah grrrrl, you look rad!!
I seriously love it. I can't wait til it comes and I can wear it lots and lots! The silver kind sounds extra cool and your outfits are pretty much AWESOME. #2 is my favorite!

Anonymous said...

U look gr8, both designs are really cool.

The Creme is my Fav :D



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Emilie said...

Falsehood you look amazing, Both the jeans and the pencil skirt are sweet, and the white on cream really is awesome. Totally want one...cream is such a cool/overlooked color.


The Six Six Sick Girls said...

So so adorable, I love both versions! Good job!


Francie. said...

I realldy do like the baggy pants and the fact you look so good in them, daym girl.

Nice and Shiny said...

I love the simplicity of your tee, it's so lovely and delicate (as you already stated). I just want to make a mass order on all these blogger tee's, they're killiiiing me with all the awesomeness!!

ps- you do NOT look like a doofus, lol! You look frikin cute as heck! Eternally in love with your haircut


Little Monarch said...

oh wow I have just stumbled across your blog. LOVE IT!!!! the t-shirt rocks btw. Im loving the white on cream but the metallic one is awesome in its own right too! keep posting! im addicted to good fashion blogs :-)

Anonymous said...

love crop tops at the moment


Ashley said...

Love the white on cream..and good call on the two sizes too big jean..love the baggier look.


Lucy (The Fashion Setter) said...

Oh!!! It looks particularly great on you!
Lucy =)

yokata said...

You have nice legs, you should show them more! ;)
ps: I like your blog and your witty style of writing.

E.K. said...

Congrats on the top, I like it!

besos y fotos: the virtual sketchbook said...

looks like somebody else is with me on your hot to trot legs..
+the t shirts look AMAZING!!! so exciting..
+i'm totally with you on the baggy pant look these days..so comfy+radical.

Anonymous said...

yay you look great! i love your little coy smile.

laia. said...

thanks guyzzzzz!

la madre q t pario said...

That's my D A U G H T E R!!


You know I'm not a kiss up, the shirts are super cool. I want one of each!!!

BTW, you look too cute!!!

bohobum said...

I adore the first outfit/you're right about those jeans

AFitz said...

you are SO CUTE/STYLISH!!! please post more pics of yourself pronto.

Creepy stranger from the internetz