On getting dressed

Can you feel it in the air? This change everyone keeps talking about? I certainly do. It's been such a crazy year so far, but for the first time in a while, I feel like I'm in a position to be totally, 100% me. Yes ladies and gentlemen, it's time for a sartorial change. You see, since I moved here, I've more or less occupied jobs with uniforms/dress codes; business casual for my first job, all black at the museum or clothes from the boutique I worked at, that didn't necessarily fit in with my "real life" style. And while it's true that when I worked at the magazines, I could technically wear whatever I wanted, it was still a semi-conservative environment, and it was way easy to roll out of bed and throw on jeans, that fuss over an outfit that would stay hidden behind a desk the entire day. So now I have this new job, where I can TRULY wear whatever I want. And it is TERRIFYING me! It turns out, I more or less hate all my clothes.

Just as well then, since I think it's about time my closet gets an upgrade. Instead of looking at clothes and thinking "I wish I was the kind of girl who could wear that", I've decided to just go ahead and BE that girl. What the hell am I waiting for? Last time I did a sort-of makeover, I was a freshman in college, I'll be 25 in a couple of months, so the time is as good as any to really be whoever I want to be. It's very exciting.

And because pictures and lists are fun, here's the kind of stuff I want to incorporate into the new me.
1. Figure out the baggy/slouchy equation. This experiment has already worked out well with harem pants, but I'd really like to figure out how to wear something more "normal" in a "non-normal" way. It would also be an essential part of the mix of masculine/feminine that I've always loved and would like to wear in a slightly more exaggerated way.

2. Oversized men shirts. I love these. With shorts or as a dress or tucked into stuff, there is something super rad and sexy about them.

3. Find the sexy in unconventional places. I dig the careless look of the shorts with the t-shirt paired with the super insane Miu Miu heels. I've been obsessed with the garconne look of the girl in the right for forever.

4. Cushnie et Ochs Fall Collection. I am kind of obsessed with the one sleeve look. It's such a simple way to bring an interesting silhouette to your clothes. Cushnie et Ochs also showed what has become my #1 obsession for the summer...

Come on, you know it's totally good. Old school midriff FTW!


Amanda said...

all so good! go for it girl- esp. the one sleeve. i remember having tops from express like that back in the day..

readysetfashion said...

you nailed it. what a great looking summer wardrobe!

hazel said...

i'm slowly getting there.
suddenly my wardrobe (although i don't post it on my blog) seems really boring.

i DEFINITELY want to get a pair of slouchy pants. although my mom and peers don't quite "get" them...i feel i could work them if i just found the perfect pair.

my friend emily always wears oversized mens shirts and she looks bangin' but when i do it i look like i'm just wearing a shirt too big for me. hmmm.

veering into a different direction with clothes is always good. i've seen people change their clothes dramatically, and it always proves to be awesome

caroussel said...

Definately doing a make over of my closet. Inspired.

Although, my wardrobe is limited to 20kg worth, as that's all I can take home from France. It's killing me to not shop, but I know I won't be able to get it all back to australia without costing me millions in postage.

And so I wait..

Excellent choices by the way.


readysetfashion said...

btw, thanks, cause now i am obsessed with the first photo....i need that tee

KATLIN said...

Gooood choices. Love oversize men's shirts, if you can, places like GAP kids (or any kids section) are good for cheap, classic styles! And totally getting more into crop tops, except with no crop showing for me. I wear mine over dresses that have ugly straps or top parts! :)

laia. said...

haa katlin! gap kids is my secret weapon. i love little boy buttondowns.

Natalia said...

two thumbs up for the crop tops and high waisted bottoms! I'm obsessed!

Cassiopeia said...

woop! can't wait to see the products of these thoughts :-D


Annie said...

crop tops + high waisted bottoms = a fail-proof amazing look. honestly.

Betty said...

That's so cool! Good luck! I have to say, I've been doing the high waist and crop shirt thing a bunch lately and I love it, it makes me feel incredibly sexy. Baggy pants also get an A+

Can't wait to see the new look : )

OnePerfectMorning said...

Figure out the baggy/slouchy equation :) haha story of my life.. I think the answer is if you're skinny you can do anything, if you have hips, high waisted is the answer (that's what seems to work for me anyway)