Sunday Jam: Time Life

Gerry Rafferty - Baker Street

Todd Rundgren - Hello It's Me

It's a gray, rainy day in Brooklyn today so we're keeping it easy with these sweet jams from the 70s. You know you totally love them and you watch the Time-Life infomercials late at night when you come home from a party and you totally space out. Baker Street is probably one of my favorite songs ever, I mean, how can you beat that SAX and the sweet sweet guitar solo? You can't. Then we go on to some Todd Rundgren. Look at this guy?! What the hell was he on? What's with the crazy makeup and the emo-tastic song? At first I hated this song and after watching the commercial so many times it grew on me. I think they're the perfect songs to lounge around to today, and just in case you need more ideas, here's the infomercial for your viewing pleasure.


cuteseas said...

i love todd

Eunice said...

omg. you're the only person I've heard admit to having a Time Life infomercial obsession. 20 mins of watching Air Supply on the commercial completely sold me. I now have the whole collection on my iPod, hidden under an obscure playlist name.

btw, love your blog. hugs from Manila!
- Eunice