Resort 2010 II

1. Vena Cava:
I was super psyched to read that Vena Cava's prints were inspired by the Ndebele. For Christmas one year my mom got me this awesome book called My Painted House, My Friendly Chicken and Me, and I read it so many times and was totally mesmerized by their beautiful geometric shapes and bright colors. I think they did an awesome job of taking inspiration from it to create the knit without making a carbon copy of one of the Ndebele's original patterns. Oh and she's wearing well-loved Converse! Way cool.

The bright colors in this fabric are totally rad, and you can never go wrong with a lil' leather to spruce things up.

2. Donna Karan:
This look is 100% Donna Karan. Easy, sexy separates in a shade of stone.

Let's totally ignore those hideous clunky shoes and focus on the beautiful dress. Totally OBSESSED with the way the colors "meld" together. Raspberry and magenta make an incredible duo.

3. Prada:
Miuccia kept it real simple for Resort, but she went all out with awesome floral heels. I thought the muted color palette was great, especially when contrasting with bright shots of saturated color.

Don't you ever wish you could just dress like this? Even for a day? I do, for SURE. The orange and blue shirt is super cool, and I love the idea of a vest with swimsuit bottoms. F U N !

Mismatched patterns of awesome!

4. Marc Jacobs:
This look screams RESORT to me. It's got sailor stripes, fun prints in bright colors and bold sunglasses. I feel like I will revert back to this look for inspiration a lot from now on.

I don't know dudes. but sometimes I just want to go out in a belted blanket. Especially on a chilly, rainy day like today. Just add some opaque tights and water-resistant boots and you're set!

5. Thakoon:
Ugh dudes, this is so so so so good.

Another great print. The colors are totally different from the previous one, but I love the sort of baroque/marbled ocean thing it has going on. Perfect little fun dress.

These intricately pleated pieces came out at the end of the show and I think they are incredibly beautiful (and SO ready for the red carpet!). The nude and yellow together are almost unreal, and the blue is fit for a weird ice princess. Ah! If only I could be so lucky to wear one of these magical dresses!


Amanda said...

we share the same brain. i had the same exact 4 picks from thakoon- then edited it down to just the first two dresses! they are pretty freaking amazing though!

Annie said...

oooh donna karan and prada are terrif.

Damsels said...

i love vena cava!
that thakoon dress is to die for
We Were Damsels

Margeaux said...

The last blue dress reminds me of the White Witch's costume from Chronicles of Narnia.
Which means Thakoon's pulled off translating a winter-loving fictional villian's look into a wearable resort garment. Which is awesome.

Trendology said...

That first print dress has sold me Thakoon. And the two tone Donna Karan is a beaut. Nice selection.

Francie. said...

check that prada line. very 60's with the bright colours.. and the absence of clothes still, i like very much.