Resort 2010 III

1. Burberry Prorsum:
This is the perfect slim, slouchy suit, in the perfect shade of gray. The shoulder on the jacket is fantastic

This is the perfect new silhouette. I'm ready to stop wearing super skinny jeans and tight tank tops and embrace more suggestive, airy shapes. Total inspiration look.

2. Michael Kors:
I think the print on this dress is really cool. I think the longer shape and closed-collar make it a bit conservative which makes the thick leather belt look kind of awkward. Of course, I love awkward, so I can't stop staring at these and trying to figure out how to capture such a feeling.

3.Calvin Klein:
More slouchy! I'm developing a thing for layering sheer fabrics, and I think the way it's done here is tomboyish perfection. And did you guys notice the GREAT little gold pointy boots? Need those!

I love this lady-like look paired with the aforementioned gold boots. This is kind of what I strive for when I get dressed everyday, a nice contrast between "day" and "night" items. I'm not saying I'm actually successful all the time (and sometimes I just throw shit on and go), but I think in the back of my mind, it is totally my feel. I seriously need those shoes!

4. Diane von Furstenberg:
DVF was obviously inspired by the lovely White Lightning when deciding on the accessories for this collection. She would rock these bows like there's no tomorrow! Anywho, I'm always a sucker for old-timey bathing suits, and this is my dream bikini bottom for sure.

I know this is a light spring coat, but I would layer the crap out of it as soon as it started cold and I'd never get depressed because of the oncoming winter! Love the colors and the zig zag pattern WAY too much.

5. Miu Miu:
Love the "layered look" maillot. Perfect bold, graphic details.

This pattern lies somewhere between crazy holographic deep sea jellyfish and Andy Warhol's famed flower print. I love how the thick white piping adds such a cool pop of color.


Francie. said...

i do like florals, whether they're in or out of season. i guess you could still see me wearing them in 10 years ``oh dear!

but yes, embracing the airy whooooshing material is a must. unfortunately it's getting heaps col down where i live (southern hemisphere) so i dont think i'm allowed to embrace them just quite yet..

Ashford said...

miu miu and prada killed it for me. always 2 of my faves.

Damsels said...

aH! those burberry wedges

We Were Damsels

Anonymous said...

awkward makes everything better. :D

Ashley said...

Love the sporty mixed with feminine of Miu Miu. The high-heeled wrestling boots are to die.


Lucy said...

I'd like to marry the Diane von Furstenberg coat.

Anonymous said...

I am so in love with Burberry's look!!! I need it all.