Resort 2010 IV

The slouchy invasion continues! This is a total basic look that I will for sure try to recreate. I really want a pair of skinny slouchy trousers like these.

I love the slightly exaggerated rounded shoulder shape. The blue and black printed skirt is fantastic. I love a tropical goth. HAHA.

I love everything this suggests. The colors and the drape of the fabric suggest a softness that secretly becomes nude which goes really well with the conservative high-necked button down shirt and ruffle wrap skirt.

2. ADAM:
Nothing special here, I just really like the idea of an everyday sweater with a luxe embellished detail. Ok, and I also love the little drapey orange shorts.

SLOUCH SLOUCH SLOUCH. Oversized detailed white tee with relaxed fitting pleated gray pants spells MODERN.

4. Helmut Lang:
But then again, the new violent graphics ALSO spell out MODERN.
What does it all mean?

5. Stella McCartney:
After growing up shunning everything that was too "girly", I now find myself in love with ll flower prints and GLITTER SHINY SPARKLY SEQUINS. Well, Stella is definitely responsible for a lot of that, and I think this look perfectly captures the balance I am looking to bring into my life. A grown-up, classic white shirt paired with crazy impractical sequin pants. Having it on Anouck only makes it cooler, obviously.

The shoulder in that jacket is DIVINE!
I am also super intrigued by the shoes?


Lucy (The Fashion Setter) said...

Helmut Lang!!!


Ashley said...

Helmut Lang, Preen and Stella are beautiful.The sequin jumpsuit by Stella is also really gorgeous.


Je ne sais quoi said...

I specially love Stella´s colection, I adore the way she uses sequins,Those pants are to die for!

Jack McCready said...

Three cheers for Resort 2'10. Loved your coverage, those gold zipper shoes are quite diggable.


Gracie said...

Oh god, I am obsessed with every one of those outfits!