Resort 2010: Philo's Back, Alright!*

After a couple of seasons without her wonderful point of view, Phoebe Philo is back, this time for the house of Celine (which hasn't been relevant since Michael Kors left forever ago). The collection started out a little awkward, which had me worried for a bit, but by the end, I remembered why we all obsessed over her super iconic Chloe looks from when she was at the helm.

Lots of beige and tan in this collection, which perfectly compliments the tan skin one acquires when out on vacation. I don't quite get the long coat for warm weather, but I do like the two together.

This dress has a bit of the awkward spirit I mentioned, but I think it works. You guys know I'm into the "nude look" and this is a perfect little shift dress to throw on and feel like you're wearing nothing at all. The contrasting sleeves are just spot on.

And then POOF! A splash of color appeared with these incredible turquoise pants which, when paired with the nude button down (also seen at Preen, sensing a trend yet?), becomes a subversively sexy look.

It's so simple and classic, yet so bold. And the cobalt trousers? PERFECTION. I would dress like this every.single.day.

This black and white graphic print look seemed a little out of place with the rest of the clothes, but it's so cool that I don't really care. The white geometric shape created on the bodice is my favorite part.

YEAH Phoebe! Can't wait to see what awaits for Spring!

*Yeah, I referenced the Backstreet Boys.
I'm sorry?


Damsels said...

glad to see we are all fans oh phoebe philo
We Were Damsels

god i lvoe the blogging world i wouldn't be able to saythat name to my friends :)

Luce said...

also glad to see that someone else enjoys a little backstreet boys. oh sigh.