Resort 2010 VI

WOAH! So I took a little unexpected break back there, didn't I? I've been so busy in the last few days and work really wears me out so I just come home and pass out! BUT, I really have to stop dilly-dallying with the excuses and get down to it. There is MUCH too much stuff I want to share with you guys.

1. 3.1 Phillip Lim:
Poor Phillip Lim. The pictures from his rad resort collection have been sitting on my desktop for like two weeks now because I keep pushing back writing about them. I will admit that the main reason why I like it so much is because of the INSANE styling, as the clothes themselves are not particularly remarkable. They're all kinda classic staple items that are put together in really cool way. The first outfit is probably the only one that I love because of the pieces themselves, the mismatched lace ensemble is very tongue-in-cheek. The second outfit is ALL about the new slouchy silhouette. I can't imagine a more comfortable and cool pairing when you are on vacation than these two.

I really love that the graphic on the t-shirt is kind of hidden by the high-waist skirt and the jacket. You really can't go wrong with a combination of white and brown with a touch of black. Then of course we end with MORE SLOUCH and a lil' sparkle. Yes!

2. Peter Jensen:

Why not?
It's summer man, have fun!

3. Givenchy:
The best way to accent anything is with a bajillion golden chains. Why would you buy any other piece from this collection?

Ok, maybe you buy another piece in the collection because it's this awesome neon mint green dress. I always love a sort of old-school classic shape done in a crazy color.

4. Vera Wang:
Whisper-thin nude sheer dress. I like this dress so much thaat it's kind of ridiculous.


Ashley said...

Love Phillip Lim..such wearable clothes. The lace pieces are stunning.


readysetfashion said...

givenchy neon dress is flawless....i would wear it everyday

hazel said...

that is the perfect color of mint green. i love it i loooooove it

KD said...

That swimsuit is the most perfect swimsuit ever.

Amanda said...

love all your pics, esp. that neon green givenchy number

Megan said...

i want that givenchy necklace.