The $25-ish Sale!

So I'm currently in the throes of getting rid of MOST of my clothes. Now, I always end up taking them to Beacon's and getting like 5 cents a piece so I figured I'd just offer it to you guys for cheap. I used to work at Tibi and got a hefty clothing allowance. I don't work there anymore and thus have no use for some of the clothes anymore so here they are. My 25th birthday is next week and I would like to maybe get those crazy Wang shoes. Any bit helps :)

1. Tibi Cotton Wrap Dress. Sz. o. Perfect for summer. 100 % cotton. Fully lined. Features Buttons and tie. Sleeves hit at around elbow with a slight bell shape, but I prefer to roll them up. Perfect for when it's a bajillion degrees out.
3. Tibi Pink Cotton Coverup. Sz. XS. 100% Cotton. Can be worn as a tunic or dress or shirt. Super light.

1. Tibi Green Cotton Coverup. Sz. XS. 100% Cotton. Can be worn as a tunic or dress or shirt. Super light.
2. Tibi Purple Silk Dress. Sz. 0. 100% silk. Kimono sleeves, banded waist and slight tulip skirt.

1. Tibi Batik Print top. Sz. 0. Brown and white kinda Marni-ish print. Short Sleeves, twisted collar. Totally Rad.

Interested? Hit me up at geometricsleep@gmail.com
Shipping included in the USA. For International shipping quotes, send me an email.
Thanks DOVES!

Ps. I don't know why I look so angry in all the pictures? haha


nadarine said...

oh GAWD how I wish I were size sm/0 so I could jump on this stuff. The silk dresses call to me, and they plead "love us"! Sigh.

KD said...

I'm not buying anything, and this may sound a tad weird, but I have to tell you how lovely you are! You have the most amazing face and hair.

hazel said...

you look so cool
is that too weird to ask? hahaha

Yoli said...

Liking the new haircut!

badenbaden said...

You're so sassy! xoxoxo

etoilee8 said...

I can't fit into any of your clothes bu my goodness you are button cute. (I hope you don't hate that term, but it's true, you see!)

Anonymous said...

Dammit, I wish I were smaller, cause I'd totally buy half that stuff!

cake. said...

i'm still poor, but i love your hair!