Fall 09 Couture I

1. Chanel:
The Chanel collection skewered a bit mature lady for my tastes, but it still had this cool rock n' roll vibe that I loved. The jacket on the left is super cool, but I think it needs a shorter skirt, or maybe a skinny trouser to really make it work.
The coat on the right is obviously AMAZING.

2. Alexis Mabille:
I think the styling on this shoot was a bit meh, BUT if you can imagine this dress layered over a tattered thermal long sleeve shirt, some tiny knit shorts, chunky knee high socks, cool boots and maybe a denim vest thrown over it and a bunch of jangles around the neck, then you know you've got a winner.

3. Christian Dior:
No surprises at Christian Dior this season, which is not necessarily a bad thing. It seems that he's been on the lady-like phase for a while, and as long as he keeps making stuff like this, I hardly have the right to complain. It's absolutely exquisite. Nude and black FTW!

I want to go to there.


Anonymous said...

Oh how I loved the couture shows this year :)
You could just imagine strutting down the street in your grungy cut-offs and aa tank and that black couture chanel coat casually thrown over, we can only dream :)
nicky x

Rachel said...

haha, nice 30 rock reference! I'm diggin' this lace man...

Anonymous said...

dior with the sheer nude and black has been my favorite so far, i loved the paris-londres collection that chanel did a while back it was such a great mix of rock and roll flair and chanel classic

EyeLuv said...

The Dior... my heart just explodes everytime I look.

Eleanor said...

The Dior is amazing, Chanel not so much. Awesome coat though.