Fall 09 Couture II

1. Givenchy:
This dress is incredible. I want to photograph it in the desert against a background that's mostly sand with a thin line of bright blue sky at the top.

I feel like I've been bringing her up a lot lately, but this dress is TOTALLY Child-like Empress from The Neverending Story.

Ethereal houndstooth.
This is apparently possible.

2. Jean Paul Gaultier:
These little jackets are flawless. Perfect mix of masculine and va-va-voom.

A little bit Xuxa, a little bit En Vogue, a whole lot of rad.
(And can we talk about how AMAZING Karlie Kloss looks in everything?)

Speaking of models who make stuff look good, this leather coat could've come off as kind of cheesy and Matrix-y on another model, but Erin really gives it 110% Love the flared skirt and strong shoulders.

A little bit disco and a little bit Margiela. I'm not entirely sure what was going on on the Gaultier runway since everything seems to be such a crazy mix, but it sure looked awesome nonetheless.

3. Christian Lacroix:
I love the boxy cut of the coat and the contrasting patterns.

This reminds me a bit of Balenciaga's offerings for fall, but no one really can do the louche-glamour thing like Lacroix. I'm so into an oversized necklace as a"toner-down" of tops with deep cuts on the front.

Perfect lady-like black dress. I really hope the layer under the tulle skirt is a lace hotpant.

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hazel said...

i wasn't crazy about Gaultier, though I'm usually not (although his Virgin Mary collection remains as my favorite couture collection of all time). Lacroix just depressed me. I was so used to seeing so much more, you know? I could appreciate it but I didn't like a lot of the looks. Givenchy was CRAZY. The studds and the gold and...so awesome.

Anonymous said...

I would get married in that givenchy dress if I could it's so breathtaking

fitforafemme.com said...

We picked the same 60-70% out from the fresh crop today! I will post mine in a bit and you will see. Peas in a pod. XO.

brandon said...

That Gaultier on Heidi was definitely Pris (Blade Runner) inspired, down to the mask of makeup. It was quite random at first, but once I spotted it, it made me like the collection even more.

erikka said...

That dress is kinda tampon-esque.

swallow glitter said...

those gaultier jackets are impeccable.