Nobody does a woodland nymph like Guinevere Van Seenus. This editorial in August's issue of W is one of my favorites so far this year. The setting is amazing and the clothes really achieve an otherworldy quality. I doubt I'll see the Nina Ricci death wedge look this magical anywhere else.


brandon said...

Death wedge.

It is a totally perfect editorial for me. Perfect light.

KD said...

The clothes are lovely, but the setting is truly stunning!

Tavi said...

Is it weird I like seeing these on a screen way better than in print??!
Even though that's definitely not what we talked about in London. Hehhhh.

My dad's friend for some reason has a W subscription and gave me 14 2007/08 issues, they're amazing? I also kind of love the four Juergen Teller eds I tore out and made into books? You and Elizabeth converted me, I'm sorry.
It's so weird seeing all the ads and eds with old collections though. Time travel!

nickythegreatest said...


A La Mode said...

Holy shit, this is amazing!