Resort 2010: Balenciaga

I don't know what has been going on lately at Balenciaga. For YEARS now I have prayed at the altar of Ghesquiere, and in the last few seasons I find myself horrified at some of the looks in the collections!! MON DIEU!

We start out easy enough, obviously there is nothing wrong with this cool little blue crochet dress. It reminds me of the Betsey Johnson dress my mom bought me when I was 15 (first designer item?) and that I wore to a couple dances and ceremonies. The orange belt really gives it a super cool pop of color.

I kinda don't want to go down and write about the other pictures right now.. this is how scared I am of them.
Alright, let's do it.

Ok, perhaps I am being a bit dramatic, but the truth is that I am just slowly easing you into the pain to come. I am always a big fan of crazy allover prints, especially if worn in matching pieces, but this is really not right. Is it the ruffled skirt? Probably. Does the whole thing look like some weirdo Lacroix-ripoff? Unfortunately, yes. I don't know guys. It's just missing the ESSENCE of Balenciaga. Do you see it? Am I going crazy? (wait, don't answer that)

How did this Chloe by Hannah McGibbon look end up in the Balenciaga offices???????

I mean, seriously? I'm supposed to just believe this romper is worth god knows how much? It looks like... oh god, I can't bring myself to say it...
...it looks like it's from H&M
Nicolas I'm sorry, you know I love you but I gotta call it like I sees it. It also has an awkward fit at the top, and it's probably because the model has 0 boobs, but talk about disappointing.

The shoes, I love.

And this is so... normal? Everyone already went crazy for the scalloped edges in the spring (including the aforementioned Hannah McGibbon) so I don't get why they exist here in such an unimaginative way. :( I know, I just used a sad face. I can't believe it either.

The fact that I can imagine some trashy Disney celeb wearing this dress is not a good sign. Cheetah Girls in Balenciaga? May god have mercy on our souls.

Oh, my heart is breaking into a million little pieces.
I will be praying every night until Paris season comes around that I never have to write such a post again. I love you Nicolas, please don't hate me.


Francie. said...

IMAGINE having legs up to your shoulders, geez. I love how their hips are accentuated with these skirts.

Anonymous said...

i agree about this collection, it was kind of disappointing. You're so right about the turquoiseish romper!

Luce said...

OH DEAR GOD. Its just looks so..... cheap. And, you're right, its "Hannah McGibbon-ish" (baaaad baaaaaad) in a weird, almost rip-offy way. what is wrong with the world?????

hazel said...

when i saw the purple cheetah number i seriously laughed out loud. oh god, what is going on with this? and the shoes...WHAAAAT?

Anonymous said...

no balenciaga NOOOOOOOOO.
:( :(
*two sad faces for extra effect of the woe.*
nicky x

Cassiopeia said...

I do agree on the most part, though that last one is strangely alluring... ;-D Xxxc

dust said...

There is this cult about Balenciaga house and Nicolas and a couple of years ago every other comment on fashion week was "it's a Balenciaga rip-off".
Tables have turned....

Damsels said...

my fave is the look chanel iman is wearing
oh and ilov eher too

shes on e of my favorite models