Resort 2010: Marni

I really have no idea what was going through Consuelo Castiglioni when she put together the resort collection. It's kind of awkward and clunky and borderline ugly AND YET I LOVE IT?

This kind of reminds me of the stuff you could find in the Delia*s catalog when I was in middle school. This is actually a HUGE compliment. The maroon socks are absolutely awful but I'm really digging them.

I really love the turquoise summer dress paired with black socks and brown loafers. It's very nehrrdy.
And now the ANTM break of the day:
Oh and btw, can we talk about this model? She seems so normal and I'm not entirely sure I dig her in these Marni looks. Doesn't read like "high fashion" to me.

This is so simple, you guys, but I think it packs SUCH a punch!

Lil' trompe l'oeil faux-Chanel sweater and harem pants and socks with killer heels? What on earth is going on?

Total old lady look. The colors on here are incredible, and this actually feels like real-life mismatched rather than mismatched-for-the-runway.


Tavi said...

The last two looks are my favorites!! Daaaang gurl. Also I love it when things are nehhrdy and punky funky.

the StReeT chanteuse said...

I can dig it, this is no surprise though, I tend to like things of the nerdy variety.

third and fourth outfits for the win!

hazel said...

she's my favorite designer right now.
i loooooooove her.

she really creates the definition of the fashionable nerd

Catherine said...

deffinitely chanelling the school nerd. though the model is looking a bit more "school bully" with that scowl

dust said...

When you see Marni in real life it's very modern and fragile. I love it so much.... Could spend my life in those...

myslak said...

In the fourth picture you can find probably everything I adore Marni for.