Resort 2010: Proenza Schouler

I'm sure by now y'all know I love Proenza Schouler, so I'm going to save the usual intro about how amazing they are and how they can do no wrong and yadda yadda yadda... here are my top picks from their amazing resort collection.

I am really into the idea of a tropical fair-isle sweater, especially when combined with surfer shorts. It is totally the next level slouchy-casual-tomboy look.

Perfect silhouettes here with the bubble shorts and tailored blouse and white jacket. I'm really beginning to think that maybe a white jacket should be a closet staple. Hmm... will investigate further. Buttoning up all the way is also seemingly more alluring than ever before.

I've been really into vests lately because they really are such an easy way to spruce up a "normal" outfit. The long, unstructured vest is the perfect topper to the white shirtdress with origami-like pleats at the bottom. It really brings it back down to earth and takes the frill off it a bit.

When it gets really hot it's best to just throw some fabric around you as loosely as possible and then just head out the door. Oh that sounds too complicated, may as well just buy this dress. The print is so lovely.

I call this one "Keepin' it cash, Proenza does Chanel".
Love everything about this look. The jacket feels totally antique, like maybe it was worn with a long skirt during the early 1900's or something. Pairing it with a boyish striped shirt and slouchy shorts, tones down a bit of its "precious" feeling.
Ps. the half-tuck is what's happening right now.
always a hal-ftuck.

I've shied away from jumpers in the last couple of years because I always thought they would just make me look like I'm 10, which I'm trying to avoid AT ALL COSTS. But lately I've kinda been into them. This look carried the same street/precious equation of the previous look, but in a softer way. The gold "neckpiece" is the highlight of this for sure.

This is exactly what I want to dress like.
Bring on the slouchy! I'm ready.


hazel said...

i can tell you right now, i bought a nice, crisp cotton blazer-ish jacket about 2 years ago at Urban Outfitters and i'm STILL finding new ways to wear it. it's nice and because of it's casual simplicity it works well with anything.

i like how they use tie-dye here, but in an extremely subtle way. it's really nice.

K said...

lovely! Just got the best cream wool blazer-it WORKS!