Resort 2010 VII

1. Basso & Brooke:
The resort collection from Basso & Brooke was a bit strange in that the clothes were SO accessible and the styling very... normal. Which is of course, a great idea, as their clothes are incredibly cool and everyone should get a bit of them in their wardrobe. The colors in this look just screamed RESORT to me, and the clashing patterns really give this a kinda punky, funky look. Perfect fit on the trousers as well.

Maxi printed sequin dresses. Why not? Go big or go home, right?

2. Moschino:
My obsession with the nude dress continues. I love the ankle length in this dress because it makes it a bit casual. You could probably layer a white tank under it and wear it to go run errands or something. Yes. I want to run errands while wearing this dress.

The new slouchy silhouette continues! Although, I think that the best part about this look is the muted palette. That nice greyish green is really pleasing to the eye.

This look reminds me a bit of Chanel. I love the pants with the lil' suspenders and the jacket with the curved edges. Very classic glamour.

3. Richard Chai:
Simple little dress in a super cool, colorful print. This is really what resort is about, after all.

4. Roksanda Ilincic:
Roksanda's resort showing was INCREDIBLE. It felt like a more sinister version of Lanvin, which I welcome with open arms. I love the color combo here and the fact that the big "bow" of fabric thing happening in the front is not perfectly put together.

More slouchy. Perfect colors. Secret Sensuality.

I want to see Tilda Swinton in this. Make it work Tilds!


Ashley said...

Love the "melted crayon" effect of the Basso and Brook prints and the shoes for Roksanda Ilincic are amaaaazing!!


Amanda said...

the richard chai dress is perfect!

The Six Six Sick Girls said...

Those Basso and Brooke maxi print dresses are sick! I totally believe in the go big or go home philosophy!


jenn said...

Roksanda's collection was probably my fave resort this season - gorgeous, yet wearable. Although that bow dress is VERY Lanvin, very similar to one Drew Barrymore wore to...somewhere. I forget where...

Tavi said...

Basso looks so so good! When it screams PUNKY FUNKY or NERDY you know it's all good.

Phone with a Cord said...

Agree agree agree. If only my bank account or he'll even my credit limit could handle these. Roksanda is insane, perfect.

Anonymous said...

the moschino trennnnnnncccchhhhh. be still my beating heart.