Sunny-side Up

Yellow socks with Demeulemeester white sandals.
It's giving me a toothache.
(It's an expression! It means he thought you were sweet!)


Tavi said...

this is so many levels of perfect
and my buns, they don't feel nothing like steel

noirohio vintage said...

I love the socks with those sandals!! amazing look

Ria said...

Second time I've seen this image today and it just gets better and better.

Cox said...

adorable! and clever use of a line from clueless, haha x

katie d said...

Thank you from Clueless, although I wish I were the first to mention it ;)

"How'd he do tha??"


Twobreadsplease said...

She is so adorable and lovely, love her shoes! x

g. said...

the whole thing is absolutely adorable! and i must say i like the Ann's much better in white rather than the ever so popular black version. v. v. cute!


Ashley said...

Heehee love the Clueless reference. I love this outfit..the yellow socks with the white Ann D.s are fabulous.


Catherine said...

ahhhhh i posted a picture of this dress on my blog a few weeks back!!! im going to have to steal it off her!