The real stuff is WAY out of my league, but these towels by Ed Ruscha and Raymond Pettibon for Art Production Fund, are the perfect thing to bring a little high culture into your regular real life. I rarely go to the beach (I miss you Puerto Rico!), but I think it's totally acceptable to go a little "dorm room" with these and hang them on your wall. I think I want one for my wall and one for my bed? Decisions, decisions!


Amanda said...

i think i saw these at the New Museum giftshop. i love the colors of that first one..

The Six Six Sick Girls said...

I've been contemplating getting the Ed Ruscha one for a while now, but I rarely go to the beach. So awesome though.


Stupid Girl said...

those towels are so awesome! artwork on towels. genius.

biz said...

i also blogged about these, love em!

Now only if I was heading to the beach


THE E N T H U S I A S T said...

First of all that is my friend Heather holding the towels up. Secondly, I adore an enormous beach blanket, especially an esoteric one. Get it, hang it, lend it to me for a long island get away!