A billion tiny heart attacks

Brace yourselves people. Christopher Kane has created an insanely rad collection in collaboration with Topshop. It's really good. Too good perhaps.

The crocodile printed dress will be undoubtedly be THE dress from the collection. I love that it is kind of abstract and totally scary at the same time. The croc's mouth kind of looks like a cave, so it also has a weird making the nature scene vibe to it that I really dig.

The rest of the collection owes more to Kane's ideas pre-primates. This lime green dress with studs might be a little too LOOK AT ME for me, but it's still aces. (Although it also comes in black which is a nice subdued option haha)

The short sleeve studded sheer number though, I know I can wear a lot of different ways. It's kinda fancy and will look KILLER with tights.

Pure warrior woman dress. The cutouts on the chest are such an unexpected detail and they keep the whole thing from feeling too heavy.

Ok, so now that I caved in and decided to wear leggings, I obviously need these.

I really really really really like these hot pants. No idea where I would wear them, but that may not stop me from getting them.

I love you Christopher Kane, I really do.


Paige said...

Yo. I've been reading your blog for a while now and I really like it. Though I would leave a comment finally. I have a completely opposite opinion of the Kane collection and seeing you posting on it it convinced me to just put it out there. I just started a blog after reading stuff like yours and Tavi's and Style Bubble, and I've been really enjoying them for a while now so I'm trying to get into the groove of doing my own. It'd be rad if you checked it out and I'd love to have a counterpoint to my thoughts about the collection. You seem really awesome and cool by the way!

Nice and Shiny said...

I'm all over them booty shaaarts! Everything else... meh. I mean, the crocadile dress is rad, but only because its pretty much the same as THAT gorilla dress of his (which i would die for). Mixed emotions overall i guess...


jenn said...

the shoes too, though! Ahhh they're awesome.
Man, I wish I had the money for as much of these things as possible. (Also, they'll probably not be in the Newcastle store, so it'll have to be an internet job...)


The cut out dress, though, and the leggings. And the sheer dress....<3.


cake. said...

oh man, that warrior dress is killin' it.

KD said...

I have to say, my favorite thing from the collection was the navy blue satin bustier dress.

Uvita V. de las Tinieblas said...

Your sister needs that warrior woman dress, haha!

love towards it has no boundaries :)