Copenhagen Spring 2010 I

1. By Malene Birger:
I love everything about this look. Monochromatic, slightly masculine and secretly sexy.

Just-rolled-off-the-bed-boho look. The fancy brocade jacket is all that's necessary to take an oversized button down shirt to the next level.

2. Julie Brøgger at Designers Nest:
So "Designers Nest" is a show with students from different schools. I tried to look for the names of the people involved but couldn't really find it. If any of you know who these belong to, leave a comment so I can identify them!
Edit: Thank you readers who helped me identify this!
I love this nude fluffy thing, it seems like such a subtle way to wear outrageous things.

This is so rad. I can only imagine how rad it would look layered over brightly colored items.

4. Ivana Helsinki:
I kind of want to think that these two pieces don't really go together but it looks so good! I really really would love to have this shirt... I might have to settle for tights that look like that. Off to Wolford I go?


KD said...

I LOVE the 2nd and last looks, especially the make-up from the last look! It sort of looks like she got two black eyes, but in the best way possible.

fashion nugget said...

OOOH.i love the second look and the leather blue clogs in the last!

Nandi said...

*That make-up is sick! :)*

Amanda said...

great picks! love the yarny coat from designers nest

Jen said...


have seen the yarny coat on the above blog - hope that helps! love jen xx

The Six Six Sick Girls said...

Love the designers nest pieces, wish we knew who made them!


Mollie said...

nice update! i also love Copenhagen fashion week. tar-la-la!


Pernilleeckhoff said...

Hi. The designer you've spotted at Desiner's Nest is Julie Brogger. She has a blog: www.juliebrogger.blogspot.com
She studied at The Danisg Design School. She is amazing, I saw the graduation show and it was awesome.

P. Eckhoff

laia. said...

YES! Thanks guys!