Teen Movie Fashion Show Break

I swung by work today to pick up THE shoes and since I wass just hanging out there, decided to try on some of the awesome pieces that we'll be getting in for fall and that are now available for pre=order. I'm not usually one to post about work stuff, but I thought these were too cool not to share with everyone.

The Perforated Leather tank is probably my favorite piece out of the bunch. It's part of the OAK Black Label collection so it's made to order! It's super light and just looks AMAZING. I paired it with the Zipper Front skirt also from the Black Label. It is SUPER TIGHT but looks oh so good.
Now, I never thought I would love a pair of leggings so much, but these Croc Paneled leggings are INSANE! I also love them because when paired with my shoes, I look like a crazy futuristic robot. Pretty sure I'll have to add a pair of these to my wardrobe. It's like I don't even know who I am anymore. It also comes in a bike short style.

The knits are also super rad. I am obsessed with this half Dolman sleeve sweater. I can definitely see myself living in it when it gets cold. Also awesome is a wide cropped sweater and grey jersey pants.

You can preorder these this weekend online or at Bond street. The sweet thing is if you pre-order any item that's part of our regular collection this weekend, you get 20% off on top of getting first dibs! So good, right? I could never NOT pass a discount around. haha. Alright dudes, get in on it.


Sarah A. said...

hey on the internet!
love the creepers on you - good to know someone can pull them off. sad i didnt see you at the event the other night. x.

Amanda said...

want those shoes!!!! killer dude. i love your line "It's like I don't even know who I am anymore" haha. oak will turn anyone's wardrobe- it's so good not to eat up

tricia campbell said...

omgoodness, well just call me daft! i didn't know you work at oak!

i love that store. props to them carrying canucks like juma and complex geometries.

The Six Six Sick Girls said...

Whoa, I was at the preview the other night, but honestly was too busy chatting away to get a proper look at the collection, so I'll have to go back. But it's good to see them on, and the pieces look really good on you. Love your new boots too.


KD said...

I love Oak!

Ashley said...

the zip skirt is amazing..and your A. Wang boots look sooo good!!


Anonymous said...

those tailored sweat pants are definitely being added to my fall shopping list, they're delightful...as is pretty much everything else you posted but the pants are more within my budget :-)

etoilee8 said...

I'm so glad I came here. You see there's this coat I want right . . . and I know, know, know it will be amazing. 20% off puts it right out of my budget but when has that ever stopped me?

etoilee8 said...

I just realized I'm too late. Drat! Darn! Drat! Will you puh-lease keep me posted if any other sales on the collection come along?