Closet Cleanse Sale!

So my closet purge continues and it seems I've decided to part with some stuff that I'm pretty into, but just don't seem to be "me" anymore. My loss is your gain!
Ps. I am open to negotiations ad best offers!

Loeffler Randall Metallic Leather Jacket Sz 4 $115
Super rad. 3/4 sleeve with elastic, made for scrunchin', if you know what I mean. It has killer Michael Jackson-like wing-things at the shoulders. Zip front, two front pockets. As seen here!

Tibi Sheer Striped Dress Sz 0 $30
Cool vaguely Chanel-esque dress made in sheer black striped fabric. Drop waist with a little peplum skirt. Bodice is fully lined, sleeves are sheer.

Topshop Pink Silk Pants Sz 4 $35
Awesome pants. Rolled cuffs with contrast blue seam ribbons. Flat front, double wide belt looks, zipper and hook & eye closure (although the hook is half undone, shouldn't take more than 5 min to fix, and that's including the time it'll take to thread the needle haha). Front pockets. Sliiiiightly tapered, totally sexy fit.

Marc Jacobs Bi-Color Top/Dress Sz 0 $80
Super cool and versatile piece from Marc's Spring 2007 collection. 95% silk and 5% Lycra. I wore it as a lil body-con dress, but there's a chance that it may be a top originally. OOPS! This is it on the runway.

Tibi Mint Green Cape Sz XS $60
Super cute cape. Hidden snap closures at the front. Fully lined.

Thanks dudes!
As always, free shipping within the US. I do ship international, cost depends on where you live of course!
Interested? Drop me a line at geometricsleep @ gmail.com


London_Calling said...

Why must you be teeny-tiny. 'Tis not fair.

nadarine said...

hey pooks, what size is the BR silk dress? I miiiiiiight be able to pretend it would fit me...

Lily said...

If I had the scratch I'd so spring for that jacket -- it's gorgeous. Let me know if the price drops...

laia. said...

Hey Lily... I'd be willing to work out a deal with you if you want... email me if yr down :)

nadarine said...

OH DAMN. I can't squeeze into a BR size 0. SIGH.
Also, I should emphatically NOT be buying any clothing. At least not til after I 1) find a copy of POP, 2) finally order my copy of The Holy Child, and 3) oh yeah, actually get a job.

Dina-Dyorre said...

I looooove that Tibi cape. NEED money/

Rollergirl said...

Love the gold jacket will email you...

Marie said...

I would love to buy that drop waist black sheer dress from you for $30. How do we work this out? Shall I email you? My blog is:


Let me know if it is still for sale and if I may have it!