London Spring 2010: Christopher Kane

This season Christopher Kane left me in a confused state. It's definitely my least favorite of his in at least 4 or 5 seasons, but I still found a ton of things I liked. I guess this means he really can do no wrong?!

The whole thing was a gingham extravaganza, and I'm actually not really into gingham at all, but when executed in certain pale tones it looks very cool. The light blue sweater with armpit cutouts is just perfect and when paired with a double front slit skirt it turns into this weirdo sexy librarian thing, that let's face it, is always good.

I'm not sure what's happening on the bodice, I think maybe the model is too skinny for it? But in any case, I love the delicate cutouts, and of course, the sheer fabric.

Total 90's slip dress.
I want it.

More nudes! This time with a weirdo reproducing-cell embroidery situation that is both pretty and weird. Love the high neck, poufy sleeve and layers of chiffon; it's very girly without being cheesy.

The cell motif again, this time in a nude/yellow combo. I find myself drawn to yellow pieces a lot, but I would never wear them in real life. I'd make an exception for this though.


hazel said...

amen sister
i was sooo confused by this
but i really liked it

laia. said...

I think the fact that it "doesnt look like him" is one of the best things about it. I just never really cared for gingham... haha