London Spring 2010 I

London was a bit disappointing, but the good thing is that I feel like the stuff that was good was REALLY good.

1. Josh Goot:
Josh Goot's last two collections have been really solid. I like that he keeps changing season to season, but they retain a certain spirit that makes them uniquely Goot. In this case I think it's his use of graphic elements. Last season it wall about black and white and an amazing print that looked like a damaged, pixelated picture file. And now he did this crazy color blocking, kinda 80's-POP malarky that is too good to be true.
The jacket is so so good! Sure, it looks a bit unrealistic when worn with a multi-color colorblocked skirt, but if you pair it with black trousers or a black leather skirt, it becomes the ULTIMATE cool piece. I would also secretly hope that maybe there aren't any lapels pockets on the jacket and it's all a trome l'oeil effect created by the print.

The colors in this are very Miami Beach hotel artwork, but I think maybe that's why I love it so much. You can't get much more tropical than this.

This is what happens when you take your nice Jil Sander suit to the airbrushed t-shirts stand.
Note to self: Print this out, get a suit, and take it to the airbrushed t-shirts stand.

2. Charles Anastase:
Totally ridiculous, yes, but it's pimped-out khaki and I couldn't help myself.
Fall into the hoop skirts (at the Gap?).

3. Clements Ribeiro:
Unimpressive yes, but I just really love stripes, especially when its a mismatched color combo.

4. Peter Pilotto:
Topography print outfit. I would love for this to be a jumpsuit because I think if you wear the pieces separately it might not be as cool. The proportions are perfect.

I love a hand-drawn print, and this looks like it's just Prismacolor pencils on fabric. The combination of draping and print gives it such nice movement and the color combination is definitely unexpected.

5. Mark Fast:
This is nuts and kinda goth but yet it's kinda sweet? The cutout details are rough and delicate and the skirt seems to be floating away from the body.

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