London Spring 2010 II

1. Danielle Scutt:
The "hipster scarf" finally makes it to the runway, this time oversized and in a multitude of colors. Worn over a little short suit, it feels very modern and not, you know, lame.

You can even rock it monocromatically, for the ultimate dose of EDGE. All of that pink combined with the "dessert hairdo" is deliciously good.

I love this dress because it's SO awkward. The uneven cutout at the neck is a smart, unexpected detail and the conservative length and subtly-Victorian sleeves are the right elements to make the dress work.

2. Basso & Brooke:
Marbled print zig-zag striped dress.
This is so awesome that I can't believe I haven't seen it done before.

3. Todd Lynn:
You know what looks good with everything? Metallic shoulder horns.
I love the white look the best because of the cropped jacket and longer draped top.

4. Duro Olowu:
The model needs to stop making such dumb poses because she's hiding the awesomeness of his clothes. The main black and white print reminds me of the Superior/Composition notebooks that I used when I was in elementary school... and so do the colors for that matter, haha.

5. Louise Goldin:
This is futuristic hyper-femininity to the max, but it's still very wearable. The contrast trim and socks with pumps combo definitely ups the cool factor.

This is THE look from her collection though; nude bra over nude t-shirt worn with lace scalloped skirt. It's THE FUTURE DUDES.

This is what the space princess wears on a daily basis to command her ship. The detail at the chest is like a built-in power necklace.

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Becky said...

oh my word the scutt scarves are incredible