London Spring 2010: Mary Katrantzou

Last season Katrantzou created dresses with amazing images of stylized perfume bottles and this season she took what will surely become her signature one step forward, incorporating it into the actual silhouette of the clothes. Her colors are as brilliant as ever and the patterns and shapes she comes up with are totally otherwordly and have a total Futuristic vibe about them.

The colors and dynamic between the shapes are so fantastic here. It's like a rendering of an old myth about the sun in a fight against a city that has been erected and has kept him from seeing the love of his life, who is a woman, of course.

The turquoise hues in this are super sweet and I love the combination with the beige tones. It's very waves crashing on the beach but in a weird mosaic form. I would totally wear this dress ALL THE TIME.

I'm not 100% into the color palette here, but I think this is one of the nicer examples of the ways she incorporated the prints into the shapes in the dress.

This is probably the best dress in the collection. The purple and blues with just the right amount of orange is totally trippy space balls. It has such beautiful movement.

Totally regal fan with side cutouts. This is DRAMA and it's sooo good!


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Isabel said...

THIS IS AMAZING! Wow, I am hella impressed.