Milan Spring 2010: Fendi

So the truth is that after I was done looking through the Fendi show I thought it was alright. When I went to upload the pictures to the blog, I realized that I had saved 7 looks, which is usually a number reserved for shows that I think are the cat's pajamas. Totally weird right? I guess this means the whole collection wasn't strong enough to pack a punch and I have a weakness for pretty little dresses.

A cute little white dress with slightly voluminous asymmetric sleeves.

I could tell that this one felt out of place with the rest of the collection, but it was perfectly nerdy and I love the light bluish gray with the red skirt. The silhouette of the blouse is quite great.

Another little voluminous asymmetric dress.

I don't actually encourage anyone to go out looking like this, but I love the elements separate. The barely there black sheer dress with contrasting pintucks and a collar is awesome. And I love the fancy running shorts. Let's just not go out taking our stylecues from Britney, eh?

Pleated sheer nude dress.
Whatevs, you're already expecting this from me, but the detail on it is totally great.

The futuristic sheer nude ensemble.
"Padded" shoulders and hips.
I am so predictable.

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