Milan Spring 2010 I

1. Francesco Scognamulo:
I love love love the clothes here but hate hate hate the way they are styled.
The super big fishnets and high heel sandals make this look kinda... trashy? But the mix of fabrics and colors up top is totally ACES.

2. Gabriela Colangelo:
The power of awesome futuristic fabric is that it can elevate a simple silhouette into something that's on a totally different level. The crazy swirls on the first one are especially fantastic, and they remind me of crazy future movies where you get dressed by stepping into a tube and saying "party at the cool place, please" and then lasers surround your body and make a dress on the spot.

3. Pollini:
This is nuts and I love it. It looks kinda extreme here, but I think that incorporating them into a regular wardrobe would be a really great way to give it some extra Oomph! without putting a lot of effort into it.
I don't care for the shoes at all, though.

4. Bottega Veneta:

Ah Tomas Maier, always so classic and secretly sexy. I am totally DYING over these amazing cream shift dresses with the sudden pops of bright yellow. It's like the dress is showing parts of itself, exposing a shoulder or the underside of a delicately draped ruffle.

He also always does really beautiful, unusual color combinations. This dark cranberry, blue-gray combination would be easier found in upholstery fabrics, but done here in delicate stripes, they really command attention.

5. Maurizo Pecoraro:
Sequined shift dress with sheer short sleeves.
Please come home to me, thank you.
Reminds me a bit of the girl that Phoebe Philo created for Chloe back in the day.


KD said...

That last Bottega Veneta dress is TO DIE FOR. The colors are PERFECT and while I know it's an SS collection, it is the most stellar dress for fall ever.

Anonymous said...

Since Thomas came on board, the stuff that Bottega is putting out its just amazing. There's always some surprise in the cut, in the color, in the selection of the fabric. btw, the goddess dresses coming out for winter are fantastic.

la madre que te pario