Milan Spring 2010 II

1. Marni:
The bag lady pirate look at Marni is totally OUT of control, and YET it's somehow appealing? The striped leggings are definitely nuts, the nude socks with SANDALS are SO WRONG but the vibe of everything is kind of right?
Ps. Please to send that blouse over to me ASAP. Thanks.

But here, when you pair nude socks with grey peeptoe booties, it looks like an entire new level of cool. I also really need this dress.

2. Gianfranco Ferre:
Sheer bronze quasi-cupcake dress. Yes there is a trend, and yes, I am on board with it 100%. Looks like my recent obsession with awesome long bras is really going to pay off.

3. Missoni:
I wasn't as in love with Missoni as last season, but the unmistakably cool factor is still there. The layering has been scaled back so it can be appropriate for warmer months, and in the process a super cool laid-back collection has emerged. I'm having visions of wearing this at the Tibetan Freedom Concert back in 97' or something. It's totally groovy man!

Ok, on second thought, it's not really a Tibetan Freedom Concert look as much as it is a Lilith Fair look.
Ps. still cool?

Love this color and the secretly flapper silhouette. I really love where Missoni is headed, they have really turned it around and upped the rad factor in the last few seasons.

4. Roberto Cavalli:
This is probably the second (if that) Roberto Cavalli look featured on this blog. A surprisingly nice and non-trashy sheer little garden party dress.

5. Versace:

I don't really have an explanation for being so attracted to random plastic dresses and skirts. In real life I would never approve of such things, but that first look is KILLER.

The futuristic babe look can only ever come from Donatella herself.
You know I'm right.

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