NYC Spring 2010: Alexander Wang

Alexander Wang absolutely blew it out of the park this season. Of all the times I've seen someone produce an "Americana" collection, I can safely say that this has been my absolute fave. There were no obvious American flag connotations, whether in colors or in prints, and instead he approached it from his usual sexy sportswear point of view, this time with a sporty football twist. This concept allowed him to introduce the most delicious shade of brown in the most amazing leathers, as well as other beautiful muted colors. The layering was incredible and there was truly something for everyone in it.

Mutton sleeve gray sweater worn under a beige bustier. I can only ever wear strapless pieces if I layer them over t-shirts and dresses, so this look spoke straight to my heart. And although I do not advocate the not wearing of pants, I have to say that these are the bestest underpants I've ever seen and I have a secret hankering for wearing HOT PANTS over tights. Is that bad? doo doo doo dooo.

Ooh, and what do we have here? A striped metallic knit at Wang? Why yes, and it is so good that I find it hard to wait until next season to be able to wear it. The pleated and draped striped skirt is totally aces too.

Oh hey what's this? Just an awesome cape that ties at the waist with a leather belt.
But wait! There's more!
The leather cap is ATTACHED to the cape via an awesome EXPOSED ZIPPER!!
I mean, and yeah, it's entirely possible that this is only cool on the runway and not practical for real life and yadda yadda yadda, but WHO CARES? Its awesomeness triumphs over all.

I'm sure by now you've all seen this leather jacket as it was THE look from the show that everyone fell in love with. And with good reason because I don't know that I've ever seen such an amazing leather jacket before. It's got kind of a SICK aviator vibe and I'm totally obsessed with this strap thing that wraps around to the back.
I'm sure this is about a month or two rents, but for sure totally worth it. I can't even imagine how great it will look after a couple years' use.

The first sweater goes to another level when it's turned into a dress with leather patches at the shoulder. I want to LIVE in this.

And then amongst all the crazy, this little look comes out and it's actually a super classic, elegant and wearable combination. I can totally see Carine rocking the hell out of this. It's got a sinister Ralph Lauren vibe to it? (Please tell me you see where I'm going with this)

It wouldn't be a Wang show without some tried and true S-E-X-Y looks. A whole little parade of cutout cotton dresses went down the runway and they were just perfect. I like this one the best because of the sweet cape-like shape that the sleeves create. Also showing side-rib seems like an update on the old-school midriff (you know, the under-boob to above-belly button look) that I'm so into.

Letterman jackets are awesome, yes, but also awesome are sheer pants worn over little lace-trim shorts.

Totally epic shoes as has now become the norm. Though I'm not usually into animal prints, the combination of colors in this one is super cool. Plus, it's a pieced wedge with a tiny heel so it's got another level of rad. The real stars of the show were these double layered unzipped boot malarkies that I need RIGHT NOW (and, that I think he's going to produce in a FLAT since that's what Courtney Love was wearing when she was performing at the afterparty and she said that Alex paid her in cigarettes and shoes. I love a good flat and y'all know that by now).

Open back, elastic strapped knee-highs? EPIC.
Crazy Peggy Guggenheim-ish sunglasses? OBVIOUS AMAZING.

I bow before you Alexander Wang.

On a sidenote, you can imagine how lucky I feel that I actually got to be at this show front row with Tavz and see it all in person! I died a million times and had to fight urges to steal stuff from backstage. It was the perfect first "big show" to attend, even more so because I was sitting across from Anna Wintour and kinda stalked her reactions throughout the show.
Thanks so much to the Wang peeps for being so rad!


TobyOliverDean said...


I know everyone has totally been throwing up about this all over thier blogs, myself included, however every time i see it and read other peoples reactions to it, it gets me more and more excited. awwh yeah!

style-magnet said...

I was very pleasantly surprised to see this collection pop up... it wasn't all black & white! It wasn't a reproduction of his last two (albeit awesome) lines! The cuts and draping of everything... I'M DYIN' OVA HERE. I WANT IT ALL!

Amanda said...

dope recap- couldn't have broke it down better

hazel said...

this collection was really good.
it doesn't fit in much with my wardrobe (PSSH LIKE I GOTS THE $$$$$ TO PAY FOR THIS STUFF) but i really enjoyed it. Also, that leather jacket is so beautiffffful.

Bet we'll be seeing it in 5,000 editorials this year