NYC Spring 2010 II

1. Vena Cava:
Galaxy print t-shirt paired with starry night shorts. Neil Degrasse Tyson would definitely approve, and if it's good enough for Neil, it's definitely good for me.

This is one of the coolest prints I've ever seen. From afar I thought it was pictures of football fields, but once up close I realized that it was a collage made with magazine cutouts (for a closer look check out laia.thepop.com). It has really amazing texture and depth and I love how it's mismatched with the striped bandeau top.

2. Helmut Lang:
I have been loving the "dirty" and "distressed" prints at Helmut Lang the past couple of seasons. In addition to the killer print, I love the shape of this dress, it's very simple with a nice little twist. This needs black tights, and uh... Atacoma wedges STAT! (No, I'm not obsessed with them).

Avant-garde Canadian tuxedo.
Could I just get this in the mail please? Pretty, pretty please?
That layered jacket is kind of making me cry. Totally taking the denim jacket to the next level.

3. Gary Graham:
Gary Graham is a newcomer on the scene, but I think if he keeps making stuff as interesting as the bustier, we'll be in for some fun times. I like it because I think it could be worn in a classic way with a slim skirt and heels or you can pair it with jeans and boots for a lil' party time scene.

4. Karen Walker:
When the warm weather rolls around, I always get the hankering to channel come classic All-American red-white-n-blue/sailor malarky. This dress is able to capture all of those vibes in one cool, easy piece to wear.

Drowning in crazy prints. That's how I want to live.

5. Jen Kao:
You can never have too many futuristic, form-fitting dresses. I think the muted colors in this one really make it stand out from the pack.


no lost witches said...

these outfits are wild! something to look forward to....

no lost witches said...

wild looks! something to look forward to

Isabel said...

That is the BEST Canadian Tuxedo I have ever seen. Fantastic, yes.

Annie said...

Gary Graham was so, so beautiful.

readysetfashion said...

the helmut lang show was interesting. everyone has such different favorites from that show.

Louise said...

Absolutely love that last dress! Inspirational post, thanks

gi. said...

in LOVE with the Vena Cava shorts. oh my.


Amanda said...

great picks duder- many of my faves made your list too!