NYC Spring 2010 IV

1. Threeasfour:
This collection was definitely one of their bests in recent seasons. I love the way the whole thing flows; the jacket is sharp, feminine and a bit complex without losing its classic-ness. The cutout leggings really are the perfect thing to pair them with.

This is all kind of bananas but it's too good to pass up. I kinda wish the fabric in the dress wasn't as shiny because I think it makes it look a bit cheap but I love the concept in general.

Yes to the amazing prints that flow perfectly throughout the body. It's a total look, yes, but when it works, it works. The first one is fit for a queen, the second one is from a futuristic space traveler. I would love to be either one.

2. Carolina Herrera:
This is as girly a gown as I'll ever like, but for some reason it just stuck out to me. I think I love it so much because it's not a stereotypical "sexy" gown. There are no plunging necklines and no high slits (which means you won't see Blake Lively wearing it ZING!), but it's perfectly captivating. The detail on the bodice is very, very pleasing.

3. Isaac Mizrahi:
Madcap lady by Mizrahi.
I mean, I'm not advocating this look but I'm also not rejecting it? It's kinda crazy and kinda perfectly put together? I don't know but I know I love it.

The perfect going out look: bustier, cotton candy fluffy skirt and plexiglass arm warmer.

4. Alexandre Herchcovitch:
The outfit that isn't there. This collection was really amazing but I feel like the amazing didn't translate so well in the pictures. I love a sheer look, especially one that incorporates sheer nude tones so that you're all covered up but it looks like you're wearing nothing at all! The best thing were the awesome knee-highs with neon trim with the brown platform school shoes. Please deliver some to my house!

Sheer pants! YES. YES. YES.

5. Doo.Ri:
How Doo.Ri made this little t-shirt and PEPLUM shorts ensemble look uh... edgy? is BEYOND me but I gotta say I'm digging it 100%. The chunky rounded toe platforms are e p i c.

This is the most perfect shade of blue therefore this is the most perfect skirt. Also more PEPLUMS!

Dark ballerina dress. I love the leaf-like design on the sheer fabric and the way it's all gathered at the top. It gives it such nice movement and flow.


Alison said...

Some absolutely gorgeous leggings/trousers and dresses, I just wish I had the legs like that for them.......

readysetfashion said...

the herchcovitch show had to be in my top five. weren't his colors gorgeous!? i'm wearing nude leggings from american apparel all winter, with everything....trust me.