NYC Spring 2010: Marc Jacobs

Oh Marc Jacobs, the impossible. We made it to this show by the skin of our teeth, but the spectacle was worth it. He delivered a beautiful, romantic collection that was all ballerinas, ruffles and geisha. He is for sure on another level than everyone else showing in New York City, especially when this collection's general vibe and development could so easily draw comparisons to something as epic as Comme des Garcons.

And we're off with an insane ruffled concoction worn over a button down shirt and tights. Although the sandals were definitely Japanese-inspired, they also reminded me of how when I was a young girl taking ballet lessons, my friends and I would roll up our tights around our ankles and put on some flip flops after having our feet bound in pointe shoes for an hour and a half.

More ruffle-y goodness, but my favorite thing here is actually everything that's going on above it.

Pulling your tights up to your waist (which was also something we used to do in ballet!), and layering over and under them looks super rad. I love the dark brown leather belt and sandals because they have a more masculine feel and are therefore the perfect contrast to the delicate ruffle look.

More hot pants! This time with a matching sweater vest and a white button down, the perfect outfit for Ms. Chanandler Bong when she becomes a principal at the New York City Ballet.

This one is my absolute FAVORITE look from the show. A short sleeved all-over ruffled suit in what appears to be proper navy pinstripes!

I want to go to there.

Velvet quasi-conical bra worn over an open weave mesh tank that is tucked into high-waist tights. I am so on this bandwagon dudes! (not so much into the flower print oversized harem pants with the rolled down waist, although that too is part of the ballerina style).

Beautiful, kind of savage jacket paired with a perfectly innocent ruffly white skirt.
Contrasts make my heart happy.

Ugh, guys there's so much good going on here! I don't know where exactly one would wear such a look, reality is for suckers anyways.

Scribbled dress = dream dress.
This is the stuff little girl dream's are made of.


Isabel said...

I LOVED this collection, straight up. This is really rekindling my dangerous love affair with ruffles.

Tavi said...


Ashley said...

MJ's collection was so intricately beautiful. I also love the scribble dress.


Jowy said...

MJ rules, all that lovely ruffle makes me drool..!

One Love,

gi. said...

i really like the way you organize your coverage...a lesson to be learned :)