NYC Spring 2010: Preen

Ah Preen... the stuff my dreams are made of. Justin Thornton and Thea Bregazzi are going on like 3 or 4 collections strong and it's obvious that they're only getting better.

Hell yes I want a ruffly bonanza of a dress! A certain street-style photographer complained that this dress is not realistic for real life because women don't want to emphasize their hips and thighs or something, but who cares about real life? In real life you wear this dress to go to a fabulous party and everyone will be too busy wishing THEY were wearing it to even get to talk about "your hips", yaknowhatimsayin? Plus the sheer inset at the waist is all s e x.

Last season they did those crazy pink shiny leather pants that I died over and now I get a silver pair. A wardrobe of multicolor leathers is essential in a modern girl's closet.

This is definitely warrior princess territory, and I love the idea of a flower-like puff to bring volume to the shoulders (perfect contrast to Balmain).

This is real easy to wear. Just a little shirtdress with an awesome skirt made of ruffles. If you threw a blazer over this and some sensible killer shoes you could probably wear it to work.

This one seems like a continuation of their awesome graphic print "collage" dresses from last season but made in delicate sheer fabrics. I'm obviously dying all over the place for it, it's so grown up and seductive!

An array of sherbet colors came out at the tail end of the show, and I love these brilliant pastels (sounds like an oxymoron, but isn't) that are hitting the runways this season. This is kind of a 00's version of the ubiquitous 90's bias cut slip dress. I bet you Cher Horowitz would wear this.
(What's that? A dress. Says who? Preen. WELL IT LOOKS LIKE UNDERWEAR!)

I wish this was a jumpsuit because it would be too ridiculous not to be the most epic "normal" item ever. Since it's not, I will be happy just taking the blouse home. I'm on the fence about the little ankle tie things... but not enough to hate them outright.

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Britte said...

I agree with you... Everyone would be too busy being astounded by your awesomeness while wearing that dress that your thighs would be the last thing on anyone's mind.