NYC Spring 2010 V

1. Bibhu Mohapatra:
Bibhu is still a newcomer on the scene but I think that he'll keep growing at a steady pace. Especially when he's creating the perfect little black dress with the most subtle of details like artful pleating and draping.

2. 3.1 Phillip Lim:
So many great things are happening here.
#1 The nude mini dress. Will Spring finally be the season where I get my hands on one?
#2 THE RED RAINSLICKER! YES! I've been wanting one for so long... and this one is so bright and probably wouldn't go with anything in my wardrobe. And still I want it. Do you think he'll make a version in nude patent leather so I can die a million times? Do it Phillip, do it!

All sequins quasi-80s working jacket dress.
This is pretty much the most brilliant (ha!) thing I've ever seen.
And I need it.

At the end he sent out a couple of dresses with this crazy pleating and fabric collage-type things, and although great, they seemed a little out of the ordinary. Kinda Rodarte-lite, but I still think they are very cool.

3. Brian Reyes:
A jaunty little sweetheart shift dress with a great print that looks like it came from a vault somewhere is always good for spring. I probably wouldn't wear this dress, but chop that thing into a skirt and for sure I'd be living in it.

4. Zero Maria Cornejo:
Aaaah... Maria Cornejo, the queen of zen cool. Let's start from the bottom up and talk about these magnificent shoes that she sent down the runway. Kinda Margiela-esque in their half and halfness, but totally her own. They came in flats and heels and wedges and I want to catch 'em all!
But going back to the clothes, I love the slouchy-ness throughout the whole thing. The perfectly draped asymmetrical sleeve shirt tucked into an artfully striped black and white skirt with pockets! The bag is also super great, even though it's too small to haul all my crap around.

I recognize that on most people this would look like a clown suit, but that doesn't mean that in this specific moment in time, being worn by this specific woman, it isn't the coolest ever. Also check out the great wood necklace, worn OVER the hair. Such a small detail can speak so much, no?

Another great skirt, this time paired with a little bandeau top and a flowy vest. Cool with a capital COO.
And as an aside, Ranya Mordanova is absolutely stunning in person! Like a little doll. At first I thought that her career would be short-lived since she has SUCH a specific look, but I'm sure she'll just keep getting new looks each season and just killing it.

5. Michael Kors:
This is the perfect sweater dress. Perfect color, perfect length and pockets!
And did we notice the situation going on down below?

Thank you for being a friend, Michael.

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Isabel said...

The sequins a Phillip Lim were a favourite of mine but THANKYOUSOMUCH for bringing the Michael Kors shoes to my attention! They are beautiful. I am drooling.