NYC Spring 2010 VII

1. Donna Karan:
I feel like a couple of Vogue editors ordered this dress as soon as it went down the runway. The colors are great, but of course the best part is the perfectly draped top.
On a side note, it bums me out that I can only find one look from Donna Karan's collection to write about (if at all), once upon a time she was one of my favorites :(

3. L'Wren Scott:
Modern little red riding hood. I never knew red jeans could be so amazing.

The new black tie: skinny jeans, thin tank and the most decadent of quasi-couture coats.
I believe in this.

4. Marc by Marc Jacobs:
Marc by Marc is usually about super rad individual pieces like this great polka dot sweater with voluminous sleeves.

The pink, orange and cream striped fabric is great any way you put it, whether it's the perfect poufy skirt or a super adorable asymmetric volume dress. Elastic waist belts are one of my favorite things so I'm psyched that maybe I'll be able to pick some more up next season!

Dudes, and how cool are the shoes? I usually end up with at least one pair of Marc by Marc shoes a year (don't judge me? haha), and I think this will be the pair for sure. They have the right 90's/Japanese vibe that's running throughout the Spring collections.

5. Thakoon:
Thakoon did an awesome collection full of vibrant colors for spring. I'm always down for a mish-mash of colors and prints in one dress.

More mish-mash pieces, this time worn with the perfect teal trousers. I need to add more great pants to my closet for sure. I only have jeans!

The nude/blue combo turned up in a few different pieces, but this dress is totally perfect. I love the mix of the tight silhouette with the asymmetrical sleeves and cool draping.

More nude/printed dresses! This is Lisa Frank-ish situation is totally KILLER and FUTURISTIC, both adjectives that need to be capitalized in order to convey their EPICNESS.
Hell yeah for Thakoon!

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hard liquor; soft holes said...

really? i was kinda WAY into donna karan this season. like i thought it was exceptionally beautiful and i usually don't give a shit about beautiful.