P O P O P O P ! ! !

Remember when I went to London back in June? Well here are the results! I'm sure by now you've all seen the new issue of POP with the Tavz on the cover, and along with her super rad editorial there is a pull out poster made by Tavi, Elizabeth, Eden and me!

This is my super rad photo of model Zosia who was so cool to work with and very very funny.

Here's all of us in our fancy portraits done by Jamie Morgan. He was a TRIP to work with and kept saying how we were NERRRDY. I am wearing a killer Vuitton jacket, Marc Jacobs dress and crazy Chanel geometric ring. I did not get to keep any of it unfortunately :(
(The facing picture of the Tavz is one of my most favorites)

The front part of the poster features a hilarious article by Fake Karl. We are sworn to secrecy on his identity of course, but he is very cool and QUITE the ladies' man.

The back of the poster has the two editorials we shot while we were there. I'll be posting the pictures soon so y'all can see the sweet clothes we got to work with. Yay for cool London designers! There is also a crazy collage we did full of our inspiration and some London inside jokes. It's pretty epic.

Make sure to pick it up at the newsstand! The editorials are insanely good and there are super rad articles in it. Best 8 bucks you'll ever spend, I promise.


brandon said...

8? Did the price go down?

I payed 15 for the 20th Anniversary Issue.

Voycik said...

I'm counting down the days 'til it arrives here. Which will inevitably be a while.

A La Mode said...

LOVED this issue of pop! Super congratulations xxx

Amanda said...

been keeping my eye out for it but haven't found it yet. i'll have to try universal news

Tamu McPherson said...

Hi Laia! Great Blog! It was wonderful meeting you as well this weekend. Yes we maid it back to MI safe and sound. Thanks:-)
I was graced with a wonderful surprise while out and about today. Your issue of Pop. Fantastic! You guys are truly inspiring. Keep enjoying yourself. That's why we are here.
xxx, Tamu

trendvixen said...


gotta go look for this issue NOW!

still loving your blog. keep up the good work.


laia. said...

yeah its apparently 15 bucks! i just heard that it was 8 :(

Emilie said...

That picture of Tavi is absolutely amazing. Totally need to get this issue! Blogging is driving me to pick up a magazine habit.

Tavi said...


Rachel said...

i love your cat!

hazel said...