Spring 2010: Dolce & Gabbana

Every few seasons Domenico Dolce and Stefano Gabbana put out a collection that makes me totally weak at the knees. Its elusive 90's laid-back romanticism vibe is everything I've wanted but didn't know I did.
I'm totally in LOVE.

We start out with a bit of colorblocked retro underwear. Not meant for everyday, of course, but what I wouldn't give to lay about in my off-hours in a little getup like this.
The layered bra look is unnecessary, but SO cool.

Still in a boudoir mood, but a little more covered up, we have this awesome lace bloomer shorts and tank ensemble. This, this I would definitely wear in real life. I'm not so fond of the jacket, but I have to admit it really is the perfect companion to the whole look.

And then came the parade of perfectly white (not-so) virginal lace dresses. My favorite is the first one, with the too-long sleeves and perfectly conservative below-the-knee hem. Little black leotards with a low-cut leg are the perfect basic to layer them over (and have given me the perfect way to wear all those pairs of hot pants I've been obsessing over). The fringe at the bottom is the same as the beautiful scarves that fancy Spanish ladies wear and it gives them the perfect flirty vibe (also great for dance parties).

White lace, black mesh, cross on a velvet choker.
This look is totally EPIC.
Seriously, it's like equal parts goth, old-timey catholic schoolgirl through a mesh of 90's "alternative chicks". I feel like I will try to recreate this as some point in the next six months haha.

A black lace appliqued denim short suit!
Now, now, I know this is totally NOT RIGHT.
But doesn't that make it even a little good?
I think it does.

I love the flower print blouse and I LOVE the flower print bloomers.
When you put the together, I GET THE VAPORS.
The colors are just so good!

Oh this little number? It's just a crochet hot pants ensemble.
Which reminds me, I had the coolest Betsey Johnson crochet dress when I was in high school, my first-ever designer piece, bought at her Soho boutique when I was 15. Perhaps, I'll need to bring it out again.

More flower print pieces!

Faux lace sock peeptoe booties.

Thank you for being a friend, Dolce dudes.


FFAF said...

Obviously, I need to find a good pattern for bloomers-as-pants. Or shorts. How else will I get through winter?

leila wylie said...

If someone described this collection to me without me seeing it I'd be very, very doubtful, but in reality I LOVE it. I had this goth babysitter, Libby, in the early 90s who dressed basically exactly like this.

Lily said...

love those crochet hot pants.

Rollergirl said...

I'm liking this too. Who is styling Dolce these days, do we know?

panaru said...

I LOVE those big bold and contrasting floral patterns together. Makes even a black-loving gal such as myself want to embrace color.

Monica said...

love the lace socks..... sexy!!!

Victoire said...

wow, I'm not usually a huge Dolce & Gabbana fan, but this collection is amazing! I've been wanting to wear chokers, and now I know exactly how. Over a collared lace blouse = so awesome!