Tonight is party night in the city

And this is where I'll be.

April 77 jeans will be 77 bucks! And they are rad jeans. While there enjoy a drink while you customize your jeans with bleach, studs or whatever else your heart desires. Or just come, hangout and eat some Mexican food (The Smile will have a truck outside!) before you head out to Rogan for some Cold Cave beats.


See you there :)


blondie said...

Where are these shoes from?Absolutely love em!Sounds like such a fun night too, shame im in england!have fun!x

Emilie said...

I will admit I don't get any of these references but the jeans sound cool and your description in general (jeans, Mexican food, music...) makes this whole thing sound pretty sweet. :)

Queen Michelle said...

I find April 77 jeans soul destroying - I always have to go 2 sizes up from any other brand to squish my arse into them!

Rollergirl said...

I want those jeans.

Louise said...

I love those shoes and socks! Genius