WTF: Prada Spring 2010

I did not like Prada this season.

Yes, it is true. I looked through the collection over and over again until I could no longer force myself to find the angle. The message.
I just don't even want to know.

What are these silhouettes? I'm sorry but I will not accept your shiny black bermuda shorts! Your vaguely crap Balenciaga silhouettes and your random trapeze tops that seem to have been created just minutes before they got sent down the runway. Ugghhhh... this hurts so much, I mean, WHY IS THIS HAPPENING? And are those super tiny running shorts or does the model have legs that are too skinny to fill out a swimwear bottom? It is scary. And just when I can't take anymore, outcomes some chainmail situation that is definitely not doing anything for everyone.
Then the show ends. And I burst into tears.

These horrifying clear heels?
Listen, I wore little clear peeptoe slingbacks with a lucite heel to my 8th grade "graduation" dance, and by the time the party was ending, I was already REGRETTING wearing them.
And those pointy things? Why do you want everyone to see that there's 2 feet of space between the end of your toes and the tips of your shoes? Come on!

Ok, I'll admit it. Not all was doom and gloom.
I did find one look that I fell in love with.
The little jacket and skirt seem to be working together perfectly, and I must say that I think this fabric is very very charming and kinda perfect for hot summer days.


:(......... infinity.


lilly said...

LOL i just did a cap on Prada.
And i liked it.
i really like your views on it :D, it's good to see another opinion!

TERESA said...

Hold on a second. That's the fall collection?! *confused*

TERESA said...

Oh, my bad. Just realized that was the spring line. Either way, I agree the shoes are awful. I'm not really buying into their version of glass slippers.

newbitchontheblog said...

surfing - cinderella gone bad !


shockboogiedesign said...

I agree. I usually LOVE Prada but this collection is blah... and the lucite heels? Eh... too stripper and cheap looking for me. Oh well... good for my wallet then.

Anonymous said...

I've been noticing that Prada is kinda loosing it. I think her place is being taken by Marni, i think her last very good collection was the lace one.

la madre que te pario

randi bergman said...

hahaha your so negs i love it! i actually loved this collection but i would totes find it hard to be altogether negative even when thats how i feel! (like my alex wang review....)


laia. said...

nooo nooo im not trying to be negative... im just saying how i feel about one of my faves.
its heartbreaking really.