Looks like we're gonna have to make a cameo at the Val party

left to right: Jeanne Beker, Tavi (well, her arm and leg), me, security guard, Tavi's dad, Marc

The Fashion Television cameras captured the moment where we decided we were gonna get Tavi and Marc to meet. We are holding hands for the future! hahaha

I'm not gonna lie guys, I think this is the funniest shit ever.

Here's the entire clip. Tavi's dad is actually in it the longest (and of course, Elizabeth!).

And thanks to Anna for the screencap/link!


The Mussy Head Guild said...

The clip is kind of LOLsauce, especially Tavi's dad.

Tavi said...

HAHA my dad just stands there for like 20 minutes. You saw his bitty cameo where he's wandering around confused behind BryanBoy and Perez Hilton in the style.com vid right?

hard liquor; soft holes said...