MAD Paper, yo!

Millegrue, Stephanie Goto

Last night my friend Joseph and I hit up the Museum of Art & Design's first annual Paperball and we had a total B L A S T! In between wine (and screwdrivers when they ran out of wine), and the most delicious pumpkin/chai tea dessert malarky that I've ever eaten in my life, we got to take in some killer art. Since it's their first anniversary, they commissioned works on papers from various artist & designers to benefit the museum so we got to take a peep at those. We also got to check out their current exhibit Slash: Paper Under The Knife, which features an insane array of super intricate cut paper works. Everything from big murals, to deconstructed books and army tank models. Unfortunately I couldn't take pictures of the exhibit but trust that the whole thing is perfectly curated. I highly recommend everyone checks it out.

Detail from The Last Derivative, Jen Kao || Untitled, Rubin Chapelle

Untitled, Gilded Age || Paper Doll, Matthew Williamson

I don't know why we look so serious in this picture, we were having fun I swear!
We are also both wearing Jil Sander haha.

Isn't Joseph's sweater so fucking epic? I'm going to attempt to borrow it or something, even if just for photographic purposes. It's just the most amazing shape.


flashingfashionx said...

The garment in the first picture looks incredalbe, i wunder what it made from? The museum look really intresting wish i could of seen this!

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hard liquor; soft holes said...

you look fantastical, OBVIOUSLY.

Lexi said...

You both look great! The white sweater reminds me of the Michelin man and that makes it even better haha.

Amanda said...

yo grrrrrl, hair is dope + jacket is dope. i gotta see this exhibit too!

Tavi said...

I am LOVING all the Jil and YOU WENT BROWN!! I think I knew this though but still yay it looks awesome!

I want the Matthew Williamson in my room..

laia. said...

thanks guys!

flashingfashionx: all the works shown are made of paper.


Yep, I'm impressed.