My moon, my MAN

I am in love with Fantastic Man.
It is truly an escape from everyday life, a delight to the senses.
I love its clean, minimal design and its dashing subjects; but most of all, I love its language.
There is something charming and old time-y about the language they choose to convey their message. It really makes me smile.

They offer wonderful treats like a word search in their masthead pages.
This one is about different kinds of apples and pears!
It's harvest time across the northern hemisphere, and to celebrate the new season this word search has been compiled to keep readers occupied as the nights draw in. hidden in the grid are the names of 11 varieties of apples and 7 varieties of pears, all of which will be plucked from trees in the coming weeks. the words can be found horizontally, vertically, diagonally or even backwards.

Where else do we get to see a relaxed Ewan McGregor in a kilt and Converse?
Their relaxed approach is reflected in the vibe of everything they do.
(Time is a luxury, of course)

This issue featured a little article with the fabulous Hamish Bowles and accompanying photographs of him at his home.
This is one of my favorite bits of text:
BOWLES is deathly afraid of rodents, so one can imagine his dismay upon discovering that a pack of New York City rats had taken to cavorting on the entrance of his Upper East Side residence. In fact BOWLES is fleeing the neighbourhood in a matter of weeks.
Don't you just love it?

No woman's magazine would ever publish an article about steak, especially one with delicious, slightly-sensual black and white pictures.
But this is Fantastic Man!
The T-BONE is cut as if the animal were butchered by an express train. It is the pre-eminent all-American cut of beef: big, ostentatious and made up of an amalgam of muscles and bones that no Old World butcher would ever put together. The problem with the T-BONE is that it contains two different cuts–the TENDERLOIN and the STRIP–that need different times to cook. The TENDERLOIN lives up to its name: so tender that Europeans consider it a crime to cook it until it has no raw red heart inside, mainly because it contains hardly any fat that could keep it juicy. The STRIP, however, can stand a slightly longer cooking time, because it has a line of fat on its side. The bone is the T-BONE's only saving grace, keeping some succulence in the beef and adding much-needed taste. But Europeans consider this cut to be a crime. That's why it is left to the Americans.
I love them.

They are launching the gentlewoman, a sister title to Fantastic Man, next season. I am super psyched about this. Some people complained about it not being called Fantastic Woman, but I think the gentlewoman is way cooler and debonair.
There are no debonair women's magazines and that is what I want.
Anyways, so they included a preview of the gentlewoman in the issue.

Melanie Ward is the first gentlewoman to be featured, with an interview by Cathy Horyn and beautiful pictures by Inez and Vinoodh. Melanie has had a really cool career/life journey and the article is a real treat. During the course of their interview, Melanie offers Cathy some nut milk, which the editors kindly offer the recipe to.
Speaking of recipes: MELANIE offered CATHY nut milk in her tea, an alternative to dairy that is remarkably simple to prepare. Take one cup of nuts and put them in a blender. Add two cups of water, turn the machine on, slowly at first. Increase the speed until the crunching stops. Have a bowl ready and some muslin lining that is big enough to be drawn into a bag. Pour the contents of the blender into the muslin, then gather the edges together and lift up the contents. The milk will pour through the muslin, and this can be aided by some aggressive milking, squeezing the muslin until it runs dry. There's your nut milk.
There's your nut milk, indeed.

Um, yeah....

Also, even their ads are fan-tas-ti-que!

Peter Saville for Marc Jacobs!

Male masquerade at Lanvin.

Epic animal instincts in Raf Simons.

And if to all this visual candy, we add the wonderful short articles contained on its first pages on everything from "like" as a figure of speech, porridge, and lubricant to open letters to Steve Jobs and confessions of phone phobia, you have yourself a magazine that's damn near perfection.

Can't wait to see the gentlewoman now!


The Man Who Knew Too Much said...

Haha, yea Ewan is a fantastic man :D and the ads are fantastic, almost art!

KD said...


Kristen Masters said...

looks like a cool magazine.
I'm completely obsessed with one called "Dumbo Feather" at the mo. Every edition they interview 5 different peeps with interesting and inspiring stories to tell (but not in a bleeding heart dying kid kinda way). They interview all sorts of people who are passionate and clever and its just amazing. Anyway that's my mag share of the mo.

Lizania Cruz said...

I think Fantastic Man is one of the greatest magazines. Two editions ago they did a story on the beauty and elegance of the typeface Georgia that was amazing. Every single design detail on this magazine is fucking incredible. The Walker's media channel has a lecture given by the designer and art director of BUTT and Fantastic Man. You should watch it!