Oh, they WENT to there!

YOU GUYSSSSS! Tina Fey is on the cover of the November issue of Bazaar! How awesome is that? I can't freaking believe it.

Ps. I wish Bazaar would do away with the two different covers and just put out the one they always use for subscriptions. They are always way, way better. I mean, Tina in a fab dress and "NEW FASHION IDEAS"? That's totally epic!


michelle said...

at least it was in CAPS.
ahhh. tina fey. she has delicious hair.

Tavi said...

YES YES YES!! I'm so stoked

Jen said...

Hells yeah!

And agreed on doing away with the two covers thing--the subscriber covers are always better. Just give everyone the nice, clean look!

Anonymous said...

How Awesome it is to become the IT Girl on your brains alone!!! Everything else is circumstantial!
Long live intelligent women who make it by themselves
for themselves!!