On John Wesley

Shala left me a comment over at the POP blog to tell me that the person responsible for the super cool illustrations at Miu Miu was the artist John Wesley. I had never heard of him so off I went to Googleland, and I gotta say I quite dig his work. He's been on the scene since the 60's and although back then he was classified as a Pop artist, but lately he's been considered more of a minimalist*. I really love the bold strokes and simple color schemes (and the sense of humor, of course). Anyways, he just had a really big show at the Venice Biennale sponsored by, who else, the Fondazione Prada, so that explains that. Hahaha.

Here's a great article on him by The New York Times from earlier this year.

And yes, now I kinda want those cat shoes even more.

*I know it seems like a random fact, but I just think it says a lot about him.
And ALSO, because I feel like I dig his work more if I think of him as a minimalist than if I think of him as a Pop artist? It makes sense in my head.


Emily Cato said...

I love his work! I didn't know who he was, but I hope to see more from him!

Amanda said...

woah, a new fave.

KD said...

I think the title minimalist definitely suits his work. It's amazing.

Rachel said...

hehe, this made me giggle.

thanks for that.