Paris Spring 2010: Alexander McQueen

Can you believe you are looking at these pictures?
Can you even imagine what it takes to start designing a collection that ends up looking like this?

There's nothing to be said about it, really.
It is everything!

*Ps those last two pieces look like they are made out of Falcor's skin.
Totally creepy but OMG SO PERFECT!


brandon said...

This is simply one of the best things I have ever seen.

The shoes daintily stomp on every other show that has occured during Spring 2010.

blukats said...

I think the best way to see this collection is to see the whole thing. Not that the individual pieces aren't amazing, but once a person takes in the full scope of the story Alexander McQueen is presenting, it becomes more than just the pieces.

Love it!

missy said...

it is like an art collection, like an illusion.
would love to be one of the models wearing one, would be an honor:)

Michelle said...

just watched the whole show, it's incredibly amazing. I just don't have words for it!

jen said...

I love it but I will be honest....I loved that bird/herringbone print SO much from the last collection that it is overshadowing this one for me.

Anonymous said...

It's a mixture of copies... a drug trip of Manish Arora and Peter Pilotto with the budget of gucci group. yes yes it is amazing but look at these young designers work and you will have a new take.